Takeing a stance, making a change, Living an entrepreneurial life

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Taking a stance and Making a change took alot of inner searching . But it started from a very young age. I never was much a fan of school, I found something very profoundly wrong listening to a nutritional teacher tell the class ( She was also a diabetic, no hard feelings just saying) that its ok to eating McDonald, its ok to eat high fructose corn syrup, its ok to drink coke, its ok to throw your health away your one god given right, I could go on and on about how wrong she was but that’s for another time. I found it so hard to listen to a “Nutritional Expert”  tell me these things and that was at a University. School has never been for me, and never will be, i will never have a $50,000 piece of paper saying i am a doctor, and i am really low balling the price. That is something else that i found really distributing, paying a ridiculously amount of money to get an education. Im sorry but we are born on this earth free and i believe all people should have access to all the same possibilities, again that’s another story. Sure school has its place if you want to become something very technical and requires years of study but still not for me. So i took the self-educated route, for the past ten years i spent tireless days and night vigorously researching my passion in Life. I would consider myself an expert in my field, but people would say other wise because i dont have that magic piece of paper.

I also never in a million years see myself wearing a suit and tie to work, working a 9-5. Waking up every day at the same time getting in this robotic trance, hardly seems to me like living. There is something very wrong about that, it seems we lose our very humanity the instant we have our lives set in motion. I refuse to walk the straight and narrow path, i would rather be sailing the open see encountering new exciting things at every turn.

This is why i choose to become an enterprising entrepreneur, i refuse to work for anyone else but myself. I have a burning desire ( set in motion from a young age and just realized it) to share my passions and values in life. I see a limitless opportunity at my door step. I have a wealth of incredibly useful knowledge stored in my brain its exponential. I know i can reach and touch thousands upon thousands of life doing this. So by doing this i can express myself in away i never have been able to before. I will always share my information and expertise for a genuine, sincere, heart-felt place.

As much as i know i have subconsciously fought this undying urge. I come to the conclusion that this is my life calling and this will bring much happiness in my life and the people around me. Its the entrepreneurial life for me.

I NEED YOUR HELP to accomplish this please share all my information with your friends



What do you want to do with your life?

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How do you want to live your life? How do you want to play the game? Do you want to play in the major leagues or in the little leagues, in majors or minors? Are you going to play big or small?

We came to this earth with natural talents, things we’re naturally good at. These gifts were given to you for a reason: to use and share with others. Research shows that the happiest people are those who use their natural talents to the utmost. Part of your mission in life must be to share your gifts and value with as many people as possible. That means willing to play big.

Do you know the definition of entrepreneur? The definition is ” a person who solves problems for people at a profit” nothing more than a problem solver.

So would you rather solve problems for more people or fewer people? If you say more than you need to start thinking bigger and decide to help massive numbers of people- thousands, even millions.

make no mistake, every person on this planet has a mission. If your living it now, there is a reason for it. Not fulfilling your duty is living in fear thinking only failure will come.

The world does not need any more small time players. Its time to step out and start leading. Its time to share your gifts instead of hording them. If you like cooking share it, if you life writing then share it, if you life health & fitness share it, Live your passion daily and find true happiness.

Foiled vs. Fueled

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Great post from http://www.crossfitanaerobicinc.com/

Foiled vs. Fueled

Article by Liz Wolf
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about choices. It took me over a quarter-century to realize that it’s not talent or natural ability that determines success, but simply choices.
I’ve seen plenty of talent wasted (I’ve wasted some of my own), and I’ve also seen people with nothing but the willingness to choose, moment by moment, the behaviors that would make them successful. Those people are the ones who never fail to impress or inspire.
We’re lucky it’s as basic as simply choosing. There are no lines to stand in or applications to fill out before a decent choice can be made. You just do it.
I’ve been thinking about the key choices that take someone from Foiled to Fueled. Foiled is someone who is constantly thwarted by their own actions; someone who racks their brain for the reason they haven’t been successful – an action that, at it’s core, is just a search for excuses. Fueled is someone who has paved the road to success with choices. Remember those old Highlights magazines featuring Goofus and Gallant? That’s how I’m picturing Foiled vs. Fueled in the following Typical Day:

Foiled vs. Fueled: A Typical Day.

Starting the day.

FOILED: Hit the snooze button six times to get that extra 30 minutes. Starts the day rushed and chaotic. Eye boogers.

FUELED: Got up with the alarm (or, better yet, with the sun!)


FOILED: No time. Gas station coffee. Stink breath.

FUELED: Got to sit down to an easy pre-planned breakfast of bacon, eggs & sweet potato and a cup o’ joe. Sitting down activated the parasympathetic digestive process. Brushed teeth. Packed pre-planned lunch.

Work day.

FOILED: Checks MySpace, coffee break, asks cube-mate for gum. Goes out to lunch and tries to eat “paleo.” Hits stride around 2PM and has to stay late to finish up.

FUELED: Checks Facebook. Gets $h*t done so work is finished by 5.


FOILED: Um, yeah. Kinda skipped out on that. Tired. Frazzled. Pizza sounds good.

FUELED: Hit the WOD (day 3 of 3-day cycle) and did some myofascial release. Evaluated goals & progress. Home to grill kebabs and revel in own awesomeness.


FOILED: After Twilight (the movie).


You get the idea. Every day is a cascade of choices that start before your feet hit the floor. Meal planning and goal setting make the sequence easier and inspire accountability. Don’t lose sleep to watch Twilight for the fifty-seventh time. We can choose to wake up and be better, and for that purpose, our choices meet us where we are. Some may be working on setting a fitness foundation or breaking a habit of lifelong poor choices, and that may mean simply doing 10 jumping jacks before making a healthy breakfast. And that’s just as awesome as doing Filthy Fifty.

We can choose to eat right, bite by bite. We can choose to be in motion as much as possible when awake, and to value every minute of rest time we can get. Choosing is easy, and it’s one of our inherent rights. We can choose to change a behavior and implement that change daily.

Paleo Dinner and Breakfast, Let food be thy medicine

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Some may disagree with me but there is no better answer to a healthy & happy life style. The Paleo diet is rising in popularity and address that humans evolve eating this way. From my own personal experience i have never felt better. Soon i will be revealing more insight to this diet and the pros and the cons, but from my stand point this is the answer to all of our diet worries.

 Dinner last night
Bison Ribeye
Organic Broccoli
Delicious and cooked to perfection
If you have never had Bison please do you self a favor and try it, the flavor is so much more robust compared to beef and much leaner.
Breakfast this morning
Swiss Chard and Bison sausage Frittata
One bunch of Local Swiss chard
One bison link
Seven eggs
Cooked Swiss chard until wilted
Add eggs, turn heat to medium and cover
Very simple delicious and healthy

5 Tips To Get Rid Fears And Live Your Dreams

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Get rid of your fears and take one step to achieving your dreams today

setting goals 150x150 5 Tips To Abolish Fears And Live Your Dreams!1. You have to make a DECISION to move toward what it is that you want most in your life. You can’t sit on the fence pondering what your going to do. Hell no you have to make a decision you have to DIVE head first into that decision.

2. You have to develop clear GOALS. No one, and I mean no one has never gotten successful with out writing down CLEAR and decisive GOALS that they were going to achieve. When you develop these GOALS and you look at them daily you position your conscious level of thinking to not KNOW the difference which will create the attraction of your GOALS.

3. You need to plan every single day. In a way that moves you towards the LIFE you have always wanted. When you put action steps into play everyday that move you towards your GOALS, you will notice how things will easily align themselves and everything will seem to come to fruition on its own.

4. Single handle your GOALS, look at your goals and say to yourself, “What one of these GOALS if done right NOW would move me closest to your goal right now?” Then immediately do that thing right away until it is FINISHED don’t start another one until it’s done, hence single handling. If you concentrate on doing your number one goal on your list you will create positive moving forward every that will carry over into your other goals.

5. Take action. I can’t say this enough nothing else matters if you don’t take action. You see action is the foundational KEY to all success. Ideas are the starting point of all success but with out action, nothing will ever MANIFEST. You have to take action to get what you want in life.

What Steps Will You Take To Live Your Dreams…

Finsign 300x187 5 Tips To Abolish Fears And Live Your Dreams!The first four tips are just deciding factors that you need to align with step five. Just remember that without Action there is no POINT. If your not willing to take it then you might as well settle for less.

Although if you are willing to take action YOU will achieve anything you want in life. So make CLEAR goals and take massive and decisive action to make you DREAMS a REALITY. Have an excellent day everyone, leave a comment below and tell me what you are willing to do today that will move you TOWARDS your GOALS right now.

Personal Time Management

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Effective methods to optimize your time

21 key ideas

  1. Goals- what is it you want to accomplish. Set Personal/family goals, Business/career/Financial goals and Self-devement goals
  2. Plan of action- take a goal write steps to achieve your goals and organize as a plan to implement from a day-to-day basis
  3. Analysis- Make a List to prioritize your day. Make daily, weekly and if needed monthly list.
  4. Concentration- organize goals. Focus on what you view as most important
  5. Deadlines & rewards Positive Logical consequences
  6. Set priorities- what is relevant and irrelevant
  7. Time Log- Where is all your time going
  8. Procrastination- “DO IT NOW”
  9. Delegate- delegate all you can
  10. Meetings- essential part of life
  11. Interruptions- control all interruptions
  12. Key Results Area- Whats expected of your self
  13. Batching Task- Group responsibilities together to save time
  14. Neatness- Keep a clean work environment
  15. Work with Chunks of time- 60min-2hrs= chunks of time. Use this time to get more work finished
  16. Transition time- Learn more to earn more, always stay on top of the game.
  17. Telephone- Treat as a powerful Business tool
  18. Punctuality- Build a great reputation for being on time
  19. Work Simplification- systematize the work process
  20. Say “NO”- Early and often
  21. Balance- Know the reason for all of this, IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE. The quality of your relationships is the quality of your life. Set values as Love, Family, and your Health.

About Me

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Welcome to https://andrewpena.wordpress.com. I’m very happy you’re here. I know I will provide you information that will change your life in a powerful way.

I am a leading health advocate, visionary, Internet entrepreneur, coach and global society shift pioneer. I help people realize they are truly amazing beings with unlimited potential and help them make shifts in their lives to make their dreams a reality.

I will be using this blog to provide a wealth of information in forms of videos, informative articles and personal posts. I will show you my own personal growth and my life journey from this point on. My goal is to reach as many people as possible as I have important information everyone will benefit from.

I will give you ideas, resources and strategies for how to build a happy, healthy and successful life. Remember: life is a journey, not a destination. I hope my information will only empower you along the way.

My Life Mission is to

  • Help as many people as possible realize their full potential as human beings.
  • Reach millions of people with the greatly important principles and methods I will be sharing and teaching.
  • Ultimately lead the way in a global shift in how we approach human life.

I want to share with you my personal life and what has led me to follow my passion and dream. Every life experience I have been through has shaped me into the man I am. I hope what I will share with you will resonate with you and inspire you to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals in life. If there is one thing I can get across to everyone it is to never be stagnant; always reinvent yourself, educate yourself and follow your dreams and passion.

Discovering my passion

In my early teenage years I grew an intense interest in health and fitness. I believe this sprouted from when I was in my childhood. I was an overweight child; not obese, but indeed overweight. I never was teased too much but I developed a self-image issue. I was always involved in sports of some kind and believe that contributed as well but I always felt self-conscious regardless; I  was always the “big kid.” It never really hit me until I got into high school, which is where I flourished; I became involved with many sports which led to the desire of being on top of my game. I began to research feverishly. I found something that really sparked my interest and from that point on I never looked back. I continue to this day researching ways to better myself, not from just a physical standpoint (which was my focus early on), but in every aspect known to man. Along the way I have gleaned many different influences from spirituality, self-improvement, different fitness endeavors and personal relationships.

Making a change

Doing what I was doing as just a personal trainer was not satisfying my need to reach the amount of people I was intent on helping. There is no doubt that I love personal training, but I was only helping people on one level (physical), and I  have a burning desire to really help them reach their full potential. I intend to reach millions of people all over the world and this will be the medium through which I achieve that goal. I won’t label this new endeavor; I just know it is what I am supposed to do in my lifetime. know that our planet is calling out for a shift in so many ways right now, that it’s time for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders from all walks of life to unite together and create a global shift, to co-create a new world of equality, sustainability, true fulfillment, and peace.

The World is asking for a Shift

And it’s already happening, the shift is here. I feel I’m being called to play a role in this global shift, in sharing my knowledge and experience with the world from a place of true authenticity and love.  We  all have a role to play in this shift. Please help me share my incite and please do your part and contribute, pay it forward.

We’re all connected, we’re all part of the same planet, the same body of humanity. When we woke up to this truth, you’ll experience more happiness, personal power, love, and peace than ever before, and it will ripple out and touch the lives of countless people (our brothers and sisters) all over the globe.

So please, let’s be in touch. Add me as a friend on FB, on Twitter

To our continued success and happiness,

Andrew Pena